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Anastasia Azure hand weaves sculptural art for interiors to evoke serenity and well-being by exploring the elegance of geometry. Interlacing hand-dyed nylon with wire, her billowing forms are sought internationally for residential, hospitality, corporate, wellness and public spaces.

Based in a historic American textile mill, she integrates an ancient Peruvian technique with modern craft to express a timeless, infinite cosmos.


Distinctive statements, Anastasia’s sculptures seamlessly bridge art, design and craft. Each piece is made to order with its own distinguishing characteristics naturally occurring through the fluidity of handwoven fabric.


Anastasia Azure - Custom Hand Woven Prints

Unique images of Anastasia’s sculptures are transformed into 2D art, customizable in size to fit any interior. She has a range of prints to provide dynamic movement, abstracted perspectives, and graceful balance.


Luxury meets luminosity in Anastasia’s site-specific installations. Her regal designs elevate interiors to provide wonder and tranquility.

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