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Anastasia is very knowledgeable and talented, and she is an exceptional teacher. Explanations and handouts were excellent. The workshop was well planned and well-paced for all skill levels. Worth the time and money.

               -Rosanne White

                Intersections: Metal & Weaving

Anastasia is very playful and relaxed. She did a great job making sure everyone created a beautiful piece!

              -Brian Kirk

                 Woven Metal Jewelry

This workshop is a great combination of inspiration and explanation! I love the potential of this simple process that can lead in many, many directions. I will definitely be incorporating more alternative materials into my own work after taking this workshop!

              -Christine Miller

                 Weaving the Unexpected with Alternative Materials

Pre set-up was well planned and organized; class notes were thorough with visual and written directions - very clear.  Anastasia spoke clearly and loudly for all to hear.  She had an excellent sense of humor, she knew that problems could come up and knew how to handle them. Anastasia was an excellent teacher - knew when to correct, encourage, and give students time to process instructions.

              -Laura Walton

                  Woven Metal Jewelry

It was very satisfying to leave wearing earrings and a necklace that I had made! The instruction was so thorough that I feel I’m capable of making more jewelry on my own.

               -Trish Colson

                  Woven Metal Jewelry


What a fabulous workshop! Anastasia is energetic and uplifting, while giving very thoughtful instruction. Her enthusiasm was wonderful and she opened my eyes, as a weaver, to a different and fascinating world of weaving!

                -Jody MacBeth Brewer

                  Colorful Woven Paper

​It is somewhat rare to take a hand-on class and have everyone take away a finished product that pleases them so well. The compliments we received as we proudly wore our work through the conference reflect highly on Anastasia's teaching and inspiration skills. We hope she will teach more in our area!

                 -Laurie Autio

                   Woven Metal Jewelry

Anastasia is a marvelous teacher. Clear explanations, great pacing. Achievable goals!                                       

                  -Judith Warren

                   Weaving the Unexpected with Unusual Materials


​The three-hour class produces a gorgeous and unique piece of jewelry, while the real treasure students take home is a set of new ideas and techniques for future exploration.


                     -Elisa Eiger

                      Woven Metal Jewelry

I admire Anastasia very much. She's creative, knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. She was the most well organized teacher that I have ever had in a workshop.

                  -Tamalpais Guild Member

                     Woven Metal Jewelry

Completely clear, thorough instructions and demos. Great approach. She catches you getting it right. Very supportive. Available for personal help. Fun workshop. 

                  -HGA Convergence Participant

                     Woven Metal Jewelry


​Anastasia provided a wonderful nurturing environment; shared knowledge of current weaving events, people in the field. She went around room commenting on student's work, but not obtrusively.                            

                    -Richmond Art Center Student

                      Colorful Woven Paper

I liked the exposure to art design terms (e.g. unity, balance, emphasis), as well as weave structure analysis. I loved seeing the variety of student samples, including their different skill levels too. All eye openers.       

                    -Richmond Art Center Student

                      Colorful Woven Paper

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