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Available Workshops & Presentations

Sacred Mandalas & Dimensional Weaving Presentation

This presentation examines the cross-cultural, spiritual nature of mandalas as well as the symbolism of elemental geometric shapes.  Anastasia Azure discusses her sources of inspiration for the dimensional weave sculptures and the jewelry she creates. She insightfully shares why she creates her artwork and what she hopes to bring to the world. 

Dimensional Double-Weave Presentation

This presentation will highlight the sculptural possibilities of the double-cloth technique. Anastasia Azure weaves extensively with the double-cloth technique, transforming metals and plastics into dimensional weave forms and jewelry. Short videos will reveal her tips and tricks to working with fine wire and slippery fishing line on a loom. Weavers will leave inspired to create unusual shapes with unconventional materials.

Woven Metal Jewelry - 1 Day Workshop

Create beautiful jewelry by weaving with color wire and thin sheet metal (copper, brass and aluminum). We will play with basic weave structures, color and shape. No experience necessary and these techniques can be easily reproduced at home with a few hand tools.

3 hours: Participants make pin or pendant

5 hours: Participants make earrings, bead and pin or pendant

Creative Explorations in Jewelry Weaving - 2 or 3 Day Workshop

Explore the creativity of weaving jewelry without a loom. Working with colorful wire and thin sheet metal, we will create a variety of woven earrings, beads, bracelets, pendants and pins. This extensive workshops covers techniques such as radial weaving, free-form warps, continuous and discontinuous wefts, plying chevron wefts, flattening wire, unusual shapes, and simple wire work to incorporate beads and jewelry findings. Participants will have the opportunity to make a jewelry collection as well as technical samples for future inspiration.

Weaving the Unexpected with Alternative Materials - 2 or 3 Day Workshop

Tackle the challenge of loom-weaving using unconventional materials such as plastics and wire. Each participant will dress a loom with a fishing line warp and play with plastics and wire in the weft. Basic weave structures such as tabby and twill will allow for courageous experimentation with new materials. Finishing techniques will be covered. Projects may evolve into small sculptures or jewelry.

Structural Double-Weave with Wire - 3 Day Workshop

Weaving two layers of cloth simultaneously on a loom can create unique structural fabric.  Utilizing copper and brass wire in the warp and the weft allows for fabric that can be manipulated into three-dimensional shapes. We will create samples that explore weaving two independent layers of cloth, interchanging layers, double-width cloth, and tubes. Innovative finishing techniques will be explored. These techniques can then be taken home to create sculptural pieces, decorative hangings and whatever else you can dream of.

Metalsmithing Woven Jewelry - 2 or 3 Day Workshop

Weave flattened wire to make jewelry or small sculptures. We will begin with basic weave structures and then learn how to design and innovate. We will learn techniques for soldering and forming. There will be the potential to incorporate set stones.

Colorful Paper Weaving - 1 Day Workshop

Learn how to weave with paper to create dynamic color compositions. Traditional weave structures and free-form techniques will be taught. Explore color theory and pattern design in a fun way. The woven paper can be mounted to greeting cards or framed. Ideas generated can blossom into larger projects.

Woven Paper Mosaics- 2 or 3 Day Workshop

Create vibrant compositions inspired by traditional quilt designs with woven paper. Using colored paper from various sources, including paint chips, wallpaper and craft paper, learn basic, advanced and free-form weave structures. Color theory and pattern design will be incorporated in a fun way. The woven paper will be cut and pieced together to make quilt designs suitable for framing.

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